Handy Camping Tip – Glow Sticks

A couple of months ago I shared some of my camping tips here but I actually have more!

Here’s another one …

Glow Sticks/bracelets! Yep they are very handy and cheap.
I picked these pack up at Big W on special for just $1.88 a pack.

Glow Sticks
Put them on the kids at night (of course if they are still up and not at bed time)
and you can easily see them. They think they are cool fun!

Tie one on your dog. I haven’t done this personally but I’ve been camping with
my brother-in-law who does this with his dog. So easy to see where the dog
is at night. Just make sure you tie it high up on the collar so it can’t eat it!

Pop them around the tent pegs or other large item you don’t want to trip over in the dark.
Nothing worse than tripping over a tent peg or kicking your foot on some big rock!

They can also be used to light a path.

Glow sticks/bracelets are fab. You don’t always want the bright light from
a torch or lantern and the sticks/bracelets offer a nice subtle glow.

Happy Camping

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