Camping With Little Kids

Well this weekend is a long weekend and everybody is off camping but us.

We are a camping family. There is nothing we like better than to get away from all of life’s stresses and distractions to enjoy the great outdoors. No TVs, DVD players or electronic games.

It’s even better without the phones but we do run our own business so it’s not always possible. Love it when it does happen though.

Our youngest bub is only 8 weeks old and she had her needles today. We felt this was a little for our style of camping. No glamping here! We are tenting people and the nights are just too cold right now.

IMG_6929So I’m reminiscing about last years camping adventures.

I’ve been looking through all our photos and thought I’d share the little things we’ve found useful camping with a little one.

The number one item is the IKEA high chair. The legs come off for easy packing in the car easily wipes clean. It also keeps her off the ground.

We go beach camping with friends with older kids who would accidentally kick sand in her face if the walked or ran past.

A shade cloth mat is a great playmat. The sand falls through the mat. There is nothing worse than having sand everywhere your child plays.IMG_6960

This is an essential item for us as my oldest daughter is a little phobic about sand. She hates it! So no sandpit playing for us, but I’m working on her!

Plastic tubs are great for packing all your stuff in, It gets sand, flies and creepy crawlies out of your stuff.

When empty they make great bath tubs too. We warm up water during the day in our solar shower for a bath later in the day.

Oh how I miss my camping!
Would love to hear if anyone else has some great camping tips?

Update: New post on My Camping Tips here

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