You will love these winter backpacking & camping hacks

You need to carry a lot more equipment during winter camping trips as compared to seasonal trips. Winter backpacking trips are more exciting as you need to deal with snow, difficult weather conditions and many more critical situations.

In this article, we will be discussing about some amazing winter backing and camping hacks related to camp stoves and safety, which will make your survival easier during a winter camping trip.

Dig a deep hole in front of your tent’s entrance

While digging holes for your tent, you should also dig a hole in front of your tent’s entrance of about 3 feet because it will help you to sit down in the tent while taking off or putting on your boots. Moreover, digging a hole in front of your tent’s entrance will result in increased space, which can be utilized for storing more equipment.

Carry an additional stove with you

Even the best backpacking stove can fail during a winter camping trip. So, it would be better to carry an additional stove with you during the trip because if one stove fails, then you can use the other one for preparing meals.

Use plastic carry bags

It would be better to use plastic carry bags rather than using tent stakes. During the night, you should fill the plastic bags with snow and bury them in such a manner that only their handles are above the surface. In the morning, you can easily remove them from the snow and use it.

Use duct tape for wrapping up fuel bottles

In extreme cold conditions, the temperature level of white gas and other liquid fuel goes below the freezing point, but the fuel still remains in the form of liquid. However, if the fuel touches your skin, it will cause frostbite. The best way to prevent frostbite in extreme cold conditions is to take the help of a duct tape and wrap the liquid fuel bottles with it.

Sleep with your winter boots

In order to use your winter boots again, you should either sleep with your boots or safely keep them in the sleeping bag to make sure they stay away from freezing. If you do not follow this tip, then your boots will freeze during the night, which means you cannot use it until they begin to thaw.

Dig a special kitchen area

The best means of entertainment during the winter camping trip is to eat and sit together during the nights. For getting the most out of the winter camping trip, you should dig a special kitchen area. The kitchen area can be used to safely store the kitchen equipment such as camping stove and sitting together. You do not need camping furniture such as chairs as you can utilize the kitchen area to sit together. However, you should carry foam pads with you because it will make sure your butt stay away from the cold.

Use lithium batteries

You need to carry different equipment on a winter camping trip such as headlamps and many other electronic items that runs on a battery. However, you should prefer to use lithium batteries over alkaline batteries because the performance of alkaline batteries is not up to the mark in cold conditions. On the other hand, lithium batteries are far better than alkaline batteries in terms of power and performance in cold conditions.

Carry refreshments in a front pocket

If your backpack does not have a front pocket, then you should clip one. The front pocket should be used for carrying refreshments such as ships and other snacks so that you can easily eat them, without stopping at a certain place for eating refreshment.

Carry water bottles

During the camp, you cannot set up the Coleman camp stove again and again for boiling water or preparing meals. So, you should pour boiling water in your water bottles during the camp set up and carry them in insulated pockets, while moving from one camp place to another.

Use Nitrile exam gloves

If your hands sweat a lot especially during camping or hiking, then you should carry Nitrile exam gloves along with you as these gloves do not absorb sweat like other gloves. Moreover, these gloves will also make sure your hands stay warm during the cold conditions.

Keep your socks dry

If you are wearing socks as well as additional protective coverings to keep snow out of your winter boots, then the socks will become wet because of the sweat released from the foot. Wet socks will freeze over the nights and cannot be used again. So, for keeping your socks dry you should either wear oven bags over your foot or keep your socks in the sleeping bag during the night. However, it is better to wear oven bags because they will not only keep the socks dry, but will also keep your legs and feet warm.

Carry frozen meals

The best part about winter camping trip is that you can carry frozen meals with you. Rather than wasting a lot of time in preparing meals during the winter trip, you can easily boil the frozen meals in a bag of hot water and enjoy a healthy meal within a short period of time.

During winters, you need to eat after regular intervals to regain your energy. However, if you are hungry and wish to enjoy a complete meal you need to first fulfil certain conditions before setting up a camp stove. In such cases, frozen meals are the best way to deal with hunger problems as you can easily prepare a healthy meal within minutes and enjoy it anywhere at any time.

These are some of the amazing winter camping hacks, which will help you to survive during the camp. These camps will also help you to deal with some of the major problems faced during the trip because of extreme cold conditions and time. So, for a memorable and adventurous winter camping trip, you must follow all the tips mentioned above.

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