Prepare camping food by following these awesome tips

If you are super excited for your upcoming camping trip, then you should first deal with the food preparation rather than planning the route. In order to avoid problems related to food during the camp, perfect planning should be done. You should select the menu, purchase ingredients, frozen food and best camping stove.

Apart from purchasing essential equipment and ingredients, you also need to be well prepared with the taste and the time required for preparing a meal. Before selecting the menu, you need to make sure each meal you have selected will have enough amounts of calories, protein and fat. Since, food planning is a complex task and many people will find it difficult to properly plan it. In order to make your job easier, we have come up with some useful tips.

Arrange the ingredients

If you go on camping regularly and know which ingredients are required for a good meal preparation, then you should select the ingredients yourself. Once you have selected the ingredients, you should visit the grocery store and buy them in bulk quantities to save a lot of money.

Ingredients to look out for in a grocery store


You should buy instant rice rather than purchasing parboiled as it includes more nutrients and take less time for cooking. Parboiled rice will take around 20 minutes to cook, whereas instant rice will take around 10 minutes. During the camp, you are running out of time and cooking instant rice will help you to prepare healthy meal quickly. Moreover, if you prepare meals quickly, then you can also save camping stove


If you are confused between noodles and pastas, then you should prefer pastas because they are enriched with nutrients. Noodles take less time for cooking, but do not contain a great amount of nutrients. However, while looking for pastas, you should purchase unrefined pastas because they contain the greatest amount of nutrients and calories in it.


You do not need to cook oats because they are already dried. Oats are a great source of nutrients and can be added in light meals such as soups for a healthy meal preparation. However, you should not buy instant oats as they contain some additives, which are not good for your health.

Dried vegetables

Dried vegetables and herbs are a great option for preserving the flavour and texture of the food. Onions, tomato, capsicum, lemon, ginger and other dried vegetables and herbs must be carried for preparing a delicious and healthy meal during the camp.

Dry fruits and nuts

You can add dry fruits and nuts in any dish to add more nutrients and calories. You should only buy organic dry fruits because sulphated fruits contain bleaching components for preserving the colour of the fruit. However, sulphated fruit will destroy Vitamin B, which might affect the user’s health. So, you should always buy organic dry fruits to avoid health diseases.

Use dehydrator or sun for drying process

Once you have purchased the essential ingredients required for preparing camping meals, the next step is to dehydrate the food. You can use a dehydrator or sun for drying process.


A dehydrator includes vented trays, fan and heat component. You can either use a dehydrator or oven for dehydrating the food. However, using an oven is a time consuming and costly process than using a dehydrator. However, while purchasing a dehydrator you need to make sure it has a fan placement at the back of the device for constant drying.


You can also use the natural sunlight for dehydrating, but you need to be patient and constantly keep an eye on the food to make sure the insects do not come close to the food and the weather conditions are suitable for drying process.

Pre-packed dried meals

Pre-packed dried meals and dehydrated meals are superb option for packing, but you need to be very careful which choosing them because most of the dehydrated meals are highly processed and do not contain a great amount of nutrients in it. So, you should look for meals that contain at least 100-120 calories.

Pre-packed dried meals are usually packed in laminated or gusseted bags. In order to eat the meal, you need to pourboiling water in the bag and stir it for a minute or two.

In order to deal with the food problem, you should carry the ingredients mentioned above. However, for preparing meals, you need to take the help of certain equipment. So, now let’s have a look at the important equipment required for preparing meals during the camp:

Camp stove

Camp stoves are the best portable stoves to carry during hiking, camping or other adventurous trips. These stoves are easy to set up and can be used for preparing meals. These stoves do not have the same heat level as of gas stoves, but are capable of providing enough heat required for preparing a meal.


Camp stoves runs on liquid fuels such as diesel, kerosene and many others. If you run out of fuel during the camp, then your survival will become difficult day by day as you cannot use the stove for preparing meals. So, you should carry an ample amount of liquid fuel and that too in safe canisters for avoiding leakage.


If you do not carry essential kitchenware with you, then you would not be able to cook and eat meals. So, you should carry a cooking pot, plates. Spoons and other essential kitchenware required for preparing and eating meals.

These are some of the important equipment required for cooking. However, while purchasing a portable cooking stove, you need to keep certain factors in mind like cost, performance, weight and size. So, you should carefully consider each and every aspect before making a purchase and also take the help of backpacking stove reviews to purchase the best model available in the industry.

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