Incredible camp cooking tips that you can follow easily

There are a limited number of sources for cooking during camping or hiking. Portable camp stoves also known as backpacking stoves are considered as the best transportable means of cooking during hiking or camping. However, you need to be more patient and devote extra time while cooking food on a best camp stove.

In this article, we will be discussing about some useful camp cooking tips that will help you to enjoy delicious food during the camp in a quick time. In case you have added enough salt to a dish, then you should add peeled potato to the dish because the potato will absorb the excess salt. Let’s have a look at some additional camp cooking tips.

Carry necessary cooking supplies

Before you start planning for the dishes to be cooked during the trip, you should first collect all the necessary cooking supplies. First of all, you should carry a box of matches and liquid fluid for lighting up the best camping stove. Secondly, you should organize a large cooking pot, aluminium foil, a pan and a grate that can be easily placed over the fire pit.

Choose the easiest cooking method

Different cooking methods have been used during camping trips over the centuries. Some methods are little bit complicated, while some are quite simple. So, it is essential to pick the best cooking method and collect the details related to it. Collecting the important details related to the cooking method will help you to prepare delicious meals and deal with different situations.

Pre-chop ingredients

A lot of time is wanted in chopping ingredients such as onions, capsicum and many more. So, you should pre chop ingredients such as onions, tomato and safely store them in zip lock bags. It will help you to save a lot of time during the camp as you do not need to waste time in chopping, which will result in quick meal preparation.

Prepare advanced meals

There are several kitchen appliances available in the market that can help you to safely preserve food for a long period of time. You should take help of such appliances and safely preserve soups, stews and other light meals. During camping, you won’t get enough time to cook meals after regular intervals and carrying additional food packets will help you to deal with starving during the journey.

The tips mentioned above will help you to avoid difficulties related to shortage of food, quick meal and many more. Now, let’s have a look at the useful camp cooking tips that will help you to get rid of common cooking problems faced during the camp.

Cover the cooking pots

It is important to cover the cooking pots during the camp because it will make sure no insect or dust enters the pot. Moreover, covering the cooking pot will result in cooking meals quickly and help you to save fuel.

Carefully deal with gas canisters

You need to be extremely careful with gas canisters during the camp because a small mistake can lead to serious trouble. You should always keep it in the upright position and look for the leakages. In order to look for any leakage, put the soap liquid on every connection. In case you see any bubbles, then the gas canister is leaking and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Keep the camping stove stored away from the ground level

One of the major problems faced by the people during the camp is that they had to deal with unwanted visits from the animals. During the visits, animals usually steal all the food placed on the ground level, which creates a lot of difficulty for the remaining days left for camping as the people are left with no food options. So, in order to protect food from the animals you should hang the food at a certain height. Also, keep the best camping stove away from the level.

Keep the match boxes dry

During camping, you need to deal with different climatic conditions. Without match box, it would be extremely difficult for you to light up the portable camp stove. So, it is important to keep the match box dry. The best way to keep match box dry is to carry wax along the trip and dip match sticks in it when required.

Use squeeze margarine

It would be better to use squeeze margarine instead of using stick or tub margarine during the camp. The squeeze bottle is quite easy to use and is also great for cooler temperatures. In case the bottle gets too hard during extreme cooling conditions, then you should simply place the bottle in the pan of hot water for a few minutes.

Keep liquid soap away from cooking pots

Many people forgot to keep liquid soaps away from the cooking pot and as a result the chances of smoke and fire are very high. So, you should make sure the liquid soaps and other cleaners are away from the cooking pot, before you put it over the fire. 

Cleaning tips during the camp

Put a pan of water on the fire

Time is money during camping. While you are enjoying your meal, you should place a pan of water on the best portable stove because the time you will finish your meal, the water will be hot enough to clean the top. This useful tip will help you to save a lot of time.

Use dish soap for cleaning

If you are not able to remove burnt on food from the cooking pan, then you should add a few drops of dish soap and enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Now, you should place the pan on fire and wait till the water starts boiling. As soon as the water starts to boil, turn off the stove and throw the water. It will help you to clean the food pan properly.

These are some of the useful tips, which will help you to deal with some of the common difficulties faced during the camp related to cooking. So, you must follow the tips mentioned above to get rid of the cooking difficulties and enjoying a delicious meal during camping or hiking.

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