Enjoy your camping trip and stay light with best camping stoves

While planning for a camping trip, two common problems faced are carrying proper shelter equipment and dealing with the cooking system. The single burner camp stove is one of the most commonly used equipment for cooking during the camp. However, there are some better options available in the market, which must be considered before making a purchase. So, let’s have a look at some of the best stoves available in the market, which will help you to enjoy your camping trip.

Micro Canister stoves

  • Micro stoves are the smallest camp stoves available in the industry. Because of their small size and light weight, it is quite easy to carry them during the trip. Micro stoves also known as ultra-light stoves weigh around 1.5-3.0oz and are quite powerful too.
  • Apart from their light weightiness and small size, there are some major drawbacks too. One of the major drawbacks of these stoves is their poor performance in difficult weather conditions. Moreover, these stoves do not come with piezo igniters’, which means you need to carry different means to light the stove.
  • if you wish to enjoy a smooth stove performance during the camp, then you need to carry some additional items such as a canister, a windshield and an igniter.

These stoves are best for shorter expeditions and for suitable places where the weather does not change frequently.

Liquid fuel stoves

  • Stoves that run on liquid fuels such as alcohol backpacking stove are one of the oldest stoves in the industry and are quite light in weight too. These stoves can run different liquid fuels, which makes them a better option for longer expeditions.
  • It is better to purchase a liquid fuel stove rather than putting extra efforts to build your own stove. The liquid stoves are not able to match the heat level of the gas stoves. However, these stoves come with a windshield that is responsible for increasing the heat level, which boosts its performance.

Solid fuel stoves

  • Solid fuel camping stoves are not preferred by most of the people heading out for an adventurous trip or camping. These stoves are usually considered as emergency camp stoves
  • The main reason behind their low popularity is that they are not as efficient as the other camp stoves available in the market. Moreover, solid fuel takes a lot of time for burning.
  • Apart from these drawbacks, there are some pros too. These stoves can be used with the camp stoves that run on liquid fuels. So, it would be better to carry these stoves to deal with difficult situations.

stay light with best camping stoves

Gas stoves

  • If you do not wish to carry fuel with you during the camp because of safety issues, then you must purchase a gas stove. These stoves run on gas cartridge and the gas is safely preserved in pressurized canisters or metal containers.
  • Gas stoves are quite powerful than the stoves mentioned above as it takes comparatively less time for boiling water than micro, liquid and solid fuel stoves. So, for smooth and powerful performance, you should buy the best gas stove.
  • Buying the best model will help you in quick preparation of meals during the camp and will also prevent accidents caused due to the leakage of fuels especially due to the leakage of methanol and ethanol.

How to survive during the camp without cooking?

  • If you do not love cooking and do not want to take part in the cooking process during the camp, then you need to carry a lot of prepared frozen food packets with you. However, carrying prepared food packets doesn’t mean that you will not require the services of camping stoves during the camp.
  • The camp stoves are not only responsible for preparing meals, but are also a great source of heat. Moreover, you need to carry a stove with you for boiling water, which will be used for keeping food hot, cleaning and other purposes.
  • In such cases, you do not need to look for different options as a basic stove model would be the perfect option. If you just required a stove for heating and boiling water purpose, then you should purchase a micro canister stove because it would be easy for you to carry it and setting it up at different places in a quick period of time.

Add-ons to be carried along with the camp stoves

  • You need to carry an ignition mean for all the stoves mentioned above. If you own a gas stove, then you can carry a spark stick for ignition. However, if you own a liquid fuel stove or solid fuel stove, then you can carry an electric lighter.
  • The windshield is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the stove by enhancing the heat level. An alluvium foil cannot match the performance of a windshield. So, if the camp stove comes with a windshield, then it is well and good, otherwise you must purchase it for preparing meals in a quick period of time.
  • The last add on to carry along with the stove is a cosy or lid. A lid can help you to keep the food hot for longer periods. Moreover, a lid will also help you to hold the cooking pot with ease.

Final word

If you are facing a problem regarding weight and storage, then it would be better to select a micro canister stove. Although, it will take more time for preparing meals, but will make sure you do not have to face extreme difficulties during the shifting of camp.

Liquid fuel stoves are also quite light in weight, but take a lot of space for storage. If you do not have any storage problem, then you must prefer a liquid fuel stove because these stoves can run on different fuels. Moreover, the best part about these stoves is that you can easily find liquid fuel during the camp.

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