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Some Camping Myths & Misnomers You Should Know

If you are planning for a camping trip, then you must pack essential equipment to avoid difficulties during the trip. You can take help of internet, magazines and other sources for planning a camping trip. However, while looking for the camping tips, you will come across several camp myths. You must be aware of these myths because if you believe in it, then you might find yourself in serious trouble during the camp. Read More →

Important camping checklist that always comes handy

Camping is fun only and only if you have carried all the necessary equipment with you. During the camp, you need to deal with different situations and if you are carrying appropriate equipment with you, then you can easily deal with them.

During the camp, one of the major difficulties faced by people is cooking because you cannot rely on stored food packets for long days. So, if you want to deal with this difficult situation, then you need to carry a portable camp stove.  Similarly, you need to carry different equipment to deal with some common difficulties faced during the camp. So, let’s have a look at the important camping checklist that will help you to deal with some major difficulties. Read More →

You will love these winter backpacking & camping hacks

You need to carry a lot more equipment during winter camping trips as compared to seasonal trips. Winter backpacking trips are more exciting as you need to deal with snow, difficult weather conditions and many more critical situations.

In this article, we will be discussing about some amazing winter backing and camping hacks related to camp stoves and safety, which will make your survival easier during a winter camping trip. Read More →

Incredible camp cooking tips that you can follow easily

There are a limited number of sources for cooking during camping or hiking. Portable camp stoves also known as backpacking stoves are considered as the best transportable means of cooking during hiking or camping. However, you need to be more patient and devote extra time while cooking food on a best camp stove.

In this article, we will be discussing about some useful camp cooking tips that will help you to enjoy delicious food during the camp in a quick time. In case you have added enough salt to a dish, then you should add peeled potato to the dish because the potato will absorb the excess salt. Let’s have a look at some additional camp cooking tips. Read More →