Camping with little kids

We’re a camping family. No TVs, Blueray players or video games. We do run our company, so it’s not always possible although it’s even better without the phones. Love it when it does occur, however.

Our youngest baby is just eight weeks old, and she had her needles now. No glamping here! We’re tenting folks and the nights are simply not too hot right now.

kids campingI would also like to say the kids LOVED it. J especially was made sure we didn’t forget the fact that it was important we eat hot dogs, roast marshmallows for S’mores and use headlamps and entirely given to the whole experience. But, that’s the expectation with getting outside commonly with the children – that they are going to think what we do will integrate it easily into their life and is entirely regular.

So I’m reminiscing about last years camping experiences. I’ve thought I’d share the small things we’ve and been looking through all our photos found useful camping with a tiny one.

The number one thing is the IKEA high chair. The legs come off for easy packing in the car easily wipes clean. It also keeps her off the ground. We go beach camping with friends with older children who would inadvertently kick sand in her face if the ran past or walked.


We left the figurative door open to backing out if needed (therefore the backyard experience) but went into it like we’d be there until morning. To tell you the truth, Patrick and I DID bail part way through the night. But, not because it was chilly, but more that we were testing out all four of us in our new Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag and Mary was going crazy and keeping us all awake. I lost a little so John could have some special bonding time with Daddy. It worked because they are already planning some unique Daddy camping and backpacking trips for the summer.

A protection fabric mat is a fantastic playmate. The sand falls through the mat. There is not anything worse that having sand your child plays. This is an essential thing for us as my oldest daughter is a little phobic about sand. She despises it! So I’m working on her, although no sandpit was playing for us!

Plastic tubs are perfect for packaging all your stuff in, It creepy crawlies out of your items, flies and gets sand. When empty they make great containers also.

Oh, how I miss my camping!

If you are producing a campfire (which is pretty much demanded), remember to wear clothing that you’re okay with getting some burn holes in. You hope it doesn’t occur, but sparks from the fire can quickly burn tiny holes that are considerably more damaging in winter clothes.

Think, if eating dinner outside. We went smooth with hot dogs and S’mores and did many laundry batches of equipment with Nikwax the next day. It’s camping – you’re going to get messy.

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