Are you planning your first camping trip?

Are you one of those first-timers who are feeling sceptical about going to a camping trip? If, yes, then read these amazing tips which will take the fear out of your mind and you will be able to prepare yourself in a much better manner for your trip.

Prepare a list of things or situations that you feel afraid of

  • There are many concerns which hover around the mind such as rain, how to cook food, mud, cold conditions, water, how will I stay warm and many more other such concerns. It is always good to prepare a list of all these concerns and then deal with each one of them in detail. This will help in reducing the fear out of the mind and you will become better prepared for the camping trip.
  • One of the best things that can be used for warming or cooking the food is best gas stove. Not only it is compact but it can act as a great resource for keeping yourself warm under cold conditions.

Research about the place where you are going

  • It is always a great idea to research about the place where you are going. This will help you to prepare yourself better. You can save details such as nearest hospital, police station, pub, food joint or anything which can prove to be helpful in the case of emergency or need.
  • You must also research about the activities that you can perform in or around the area near to the campsite. All this will help in planning the trip and you will be able to carry all the necessary items with you.

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Tent practice is a great thing

  • You can put up your tent on the backside of your home or at the nearby park. This will help in learning more about how to set up a tent and will prove to be quite helpful during your camping trip.
  • You can also call your friends or family members who are planning to go to the trip with you. It will be a nice practice exercise and team building activity full of fun and happiness.
  • You should also learn about how to cook food on a single burner camp stove so that you won’t face any difficulty while cooking food inside a tent.
  • You should keep in mind that you have to stay inside a tent during night and for that always carries a torch, cells, matches and strings. All these items can prove to be of immense help during night.

Always plan for extreme weather conditions in advance

  • At times when you go on a camping trip chances of having adverse weather conditions are quite strong. Hence, it becomes very necessary to plan for such conditions in advance. Items such as waterproof clothes, umbrella, water proof tents, gloves, plastic sheets should be arranged so that you can enjoy your trip without any fuss.
  • Apart from all these above mentioned items you should also create a backup of supplies. These supplies will come in handy in the case of an emergency and these items should be put into a bag pack so that you can retrieve them easily.
  • If you see that there are chances of having adverse weather conditions then do not forget to carry nylon sandals and high quality flip flops. The best part is that these items can be easily cleaned with less water and they get dry after keeping them idle for few minutes.
  • A high quality sleeping bag should be with you because under cold conditions it really becomes difficult to sleep. A good quality sleeping bag can help you sleep easily and calmly.

It is always good to plan your trip in good weather conditions

  • You must keep a track of the weather conditions. Get a detailed enquiry about the weather forecast of the place and the nearby areas so that you are well prepared for any situations. If you see that the forecast is not favourable then it makes perfect sense to postpone the trip or go for some other area where the weather conditions are in favourable conditions.
  • You should also keep in mind that simple and easy to cook meals should be carried along. For this make sure to practice cooking about such meals. These meals should get easily cooked on backpacking stoves. You can easily get ready to eat food items from a nearest supermarket and then practice cooking them in your kitchen.
  • You should also learn about proper storage techniques. At times camping trip can prove to be quite gruesome and tiring and if the food is stored properly then it can be retrieved in a pristine condition and then cooked later easily.

Booking of off-site activities is highly recommended

  • There are several off-site activities which can be enjoyed but for that you need to book these activities in advance. Hence, prepare a list of the activities that can be enjoyed and book them in advance as per your budget and financial condition.
  • Always pack lean and mean. Yes, you heard that right. Lean and mean. It means the backpack should look lean but should have all the necessary items. There are few necessary things such as medicines, best stoves and foods which are a must carrying items.

All these are incredible points which can help a first timer enjoy a camping trip in a completely relaxed and easy way. You will definitely ask for more after enjoying a nice trip after following these awesome tips and tricks.

Have a safe and enjoyable camping!

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