Living on a Latte is a great place to advertise your business. Many families, couples, and schools visit our site for information and tips. This makes Living on a Latte a great place to be seen. Placing an advertisement on this site will definitely get you some hits and phone calls.

Any business that is related to camping goods, boats, grocery stores, 4×4 vehicles, campsites, insect repellents, outdoor clothing and survival wear, and even scouts will do well to advertise with us. If you want to place an advertisement on this site, send us an email with the following:

• Business name, niche, main products or service, location, and contact information
• Digital business card
• The details you would like to be advertised: Normal name and details or are you running a special?
• An idea of the pictures or graphics you would like to use in the advertisement

Once we receive your email, we have our graphic designer friend make a sample ad and we send it back to you for approval. Once you approve it, we place it and you get new customers.

At the moment, we only have advertising space available for sidebar ads. These can be video, slideshow, flashing, or standard adverts. Costs are:

Advert running on 1 page for 30 days – $70
Advert running on 2 or 3 pages for 30 days – $100
Advert running on 5 pages for 30 days – $120

After 30 days, we can change the advertisement to have a new look and run it again for 30 days. These terms are decided when we contact you.

Contact us today to place your advertisement and make some money!