About Us

Welcome to Living on a Latte! This is a site for anyone who enjoys camping or wants to get started. Camping is a wonderful activity for the whole family. My family and I have gone camping since my kids were babies. We love the outdoors, we love spending time together, and we love the adventure.

My husband and I decided to start a blog to connect with other families who also enjoy camping. We wanted to create a place where we can share war stories, tips, tricks, and anything else camping-related. It has become such fun to write about our experiences and to hear from our readers what they have gone through.

Living on a Latte is a site that says, kick back, have a cup of coffee and let’s talk camping. This is a place to meet, chat, make camping friends, and get all the tips and information you may need. If you are just starting out with camping, you are welcome to ask a lot of questions. Going in prepared will make it a lot more fun the first time.

We hope you enjoy your time here on Living on a Latte. You are in for a lot of fun and games.