7 Top Tips for Beginner Campers

For our first-time campers, we have a few simple tips. Storage and taking care of your camping gear is very important. It might seem hopeless and overwhelming if you don’t follow these simple tips:

Everyone should have their own duffel bag. It is much easier to find clothing and keep it neat if everyone has their own bag.

Plastic storage bins are great for everything. Plastic storage bins can be used to store your camping gear at home and to keep your food away from animals, your shoes and other items from getting wet overnight, and even as a wash basin for dishes.

Protect the inside of your tent. The outside of your tent has a protective layer to prevent damage by the sun or water. The inside should also be protected by a tarp or footprint. Find out from your tent seller what is on offer. Keep the tent closed during the day to keep insects and other critters out.

Let your sleeping bag air-out. Unzip your sleeping bag during the day to allow it to air-out and dry. While you sleep, the sleeping bag absorbs moisture from your body. If it is damp, it reduces the ability to keep you warm.

Freeze plastic bottles for your cooler. This will keep the cooler cold and also offer a lot of nice cold drinking water later.

Buy a camping table. You may have many surfaces that you think will double as a table, but it is best to have at least one decent camping table. This is especially handy for kitchen use and playing board games. Playing and cooking in the sand isn’t great fun.

Always take extra warm clothes. No matter what the season, when camping things might get very cold. The air cools off at night and seeps in through the tent floor. Stay warm by bringing extra sweaters and placing an extra blanket, sleeping bag, or foam tiles at the bottom of the tent.

You should be all ready to go now. Remember the insect repellent and poisonous plants book and you are good to go.

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