6 Clever Tips and Tricks for Camping That You May Not Have Heard Yet

Camping can be a lot of fun and it is a great and inexpensive way to have some quality family time. Leave the electronics at home and brave the great outdoors for some much-needed peace, relaxation, and bonding. The basic camping gear is pretty straight forward and we’re sure you’ve got those down. Today, we want to share some clever tips and tricks to make your camping experience even easier.

1. Take foam floor tiles or even yoga mats. This is a great way to soften the tent floor for beds. It is also another layer to keep out the cold.

2. Take a big plastic bottle and a headlamp. If you shine the headlamp into the plastic bottle, you can light up the whole tent. It is also easy to walk around with when nature calls. No danger of lighting the tent on fire, either.

3. Take tin cans for baking bread. You can use empty tin cans to bake bread for sandwiches. Just mix the dough (or buy and take with), pop it in the can and put it in the fire. Easy bread and delicious sandwiches a la camping style.

4. Take a plastic can for toilet paper. To avoid toilet paper getting wet or dirty, cut a slit in the can and place the toilet paper inside. Pull the end out of the opening and you have portable and dry TP.

5. Take a plant and insect book. You should try and study a bit before you go on your trip, but you can also take books with you. It is important to know which plants are poisonous and which are not. Learn to recognize them and teach your children as well.

6. Take tic-tac boxes for spices. Pour small amounts of spices into tic-tac boxes to take when you go camping. They are small and light and will hold just enough spices to last your trip.

For more tips and tricks, come back next week. These tips will take you far, especially if you are first-timer. Enjoy your adventure!

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