Thursday, 25 August 2011

No I do not want to pay for food poisoning!

 Thursday afternoon or nights, depending on my husband's schedule are my child free shopping and errand running times.  Today I had a bit of shopping to do as well as a trip to Medicare and HBF. When I'd finished I wanted to get some chicken on my out of the shopping center. Three was a certain chicken shop on the way out. I stopped and asked for 2 kilos since its heaper to buy in bulk and I needed to stock the chest freezer up too. 
 Now I don't usually watch the people behind the counter like a hawk but I will now! A peice of chicken dropped onto the window railing on the fridge and I presumed the girl would discard this peice of chicken but no she picked it back up and put it in the nearly full bag of chicken breast. I was a little speechless! I couldn't take my eyes off that railing. it was not clean, there was different coloured who knows what stuck in the railing .... yuk ... I was nearly sick. The girl told me the price of the chicken and I nicely told her that I did not want that bag of chicken due to the dropped peice. She then proceeded to tell me it didn't drop on the railing. After a bit of yes it did, no it didn''t, she finally put together a fresh batch of chicken. I won't be going back there ever again!

I wonder what she did with the 2 kilo bag of chicken I rejected?

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  1. That's appalling! I can almost guarantee whoever ordered chicken after you got that piece. You have every right to reject floor (or railing) chicken. Makes you wonder what happens when you can't see.


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